Useful Links


RG 65 International Class Association

This organizations governs the world-wide RG 65 Class.

RG 65 Portal

Many useful links to other RG 65 Sites

American Model Yachting Association

Our parent organization, and the governing body for model yachting in the U.S.


Our Primary RG65 Forum

This is the forum we encourage everybody to use for communicating with RG 65 enthusiasts in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Yahoo RG65 Group

This group dates back to the earliest days of RG 65 activity in the U.S., but many people have difficulty accessing or using it so we encourage you to use the one above instead.


The French Plans Site

Plans for many boats. The JIF-65 is a favorite among beginners.


The French Gallery Site

A terrific source of ideas and inspiration.


The Duke City Model Yacht Club

We sail RG 65s every other weekend in Albuquerque, and host the Rio Grande Cup. We were the first U.S. club to accept the RG 65 as a club class.

Solomons Island Model Boat Club

Hot on our heels is the Solomons Island Club in Maryland, and we have an informal contest to see which club can field the most boats. Care to join in?


Breaking Wind Boats

Brighton Boat Works

Joysway Dragon Force

US Vendor for Joysway Dragon Force – Almost Ready to Race RG65


Dragon Force 65 primary web site

Dragon Force 65 one design restricted class rules